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Lolo Houbein has over 30 years of organic food gardening experience.

Lolo Houbein

After surviving World War II and a year-long famine in Holland, Lolo Houbein emigrated to Australia at the age of 24 with her husband and children in 1958. In the 1960s and 1970s she studied the literatures of Britain, Africa, Australia, and Oceania in addition to Anthropology and Classical Studies at the universities of Adelaide and Papua New Guinea, along with earning a teaching degree.

She has written articles and books on a variety of environmental and social issues, including the first bibliography of ethnic authors in Australia. With Burwell Dodd, her partner of 30 years, she co-founded Trees for Life, a movement devoted to re-vegetating South Australia with native trees. She also started a state branch of the Sydney-based movement Wrap With Love that unites thousands of knitters in making blankets for cold people around the world. Lolo lives and gardens in the Adelaide Hills of Southern Australia.

“Pride in produce is ultimately due as praise for Planet Earth, for providing the raw ingredients for us to grow and place the very finest food on our table. Humble food is undeniably the best-tasting food. Bon appetit.”

—from Part II: Tips and Tricks